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Polaris - Rental Agreement
How to Educate Your Residents for an Easy Rental Transition

From excessive damage to a complete disregard for paying rent on time to even a lack of basic cleanliness, every property manager in L.A. knows that some residents can... Read more

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How Drone Footage is Changing the Multifamily Industry

The Hollywood Tower from on Vimeo. Teams within the property management market in Los Angeles see new listings hitting the rental market every day, and more and more we’re... Read more

Polaris Property Management
How to Prepare Your Resident for a Rental Increase

As an experienced L.A. property management team, we understand the anxiety of raising the rent. You really don’t want to upset a great resident, but you do need to... Read more

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Why Your Maintenance Technician Will Always Remain Your Go-To-Guy (Or Gal)

Property managers wear many hats, from collecting rent as a landlord to making sure the building is well-kept and employees are tending to necessary tasks. While it may seem... Read more

Lease Renewal: Why You Should Make Residents Feel Special at Renewal Time

Finding reliable, long-term residents is one of property managers’ most important tasks. Keeping units occupied and bringing in steady rent payments are crucial to any rental property’s success. How... Read more

Polaris Property Management
Tips On Vendor Screening For Property Managers

Property management is a 360 job. Maintaining rental properties requires a constant flow of responsibilities including managing outside vendors for a number of purposes: maintenance, repairs, remodels, etc. Choosing... Read more

MWest and Polaris Walk to Make A Change in LA’s Homelessness

Our goal at Polaris and MWest Holdings has always been to offer quality office and living spaces, create thriving communities, and provide our residential tenants with a place to... Read more

Polaris Property Management Dog Friendly Apartments
Handling Residents with Service Animals

  In recent years, there has been a great deal off discussion surrounding service animals: regulations, expectations, requirements, etc. Many states now require building owners and landlords to accommodate... Read more

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Top Multifamily Conferences You Will Want Attend in 2017

With the holidays quickly approaching, another year is about to brush by us. This is the perfect time to tie up loose ends and begin preparing for a whole... Read more

Property Management Apps
5 Must Have Task Management Apps for Property Managers

Property management is not a profession handled behind a desk. These community super heroes are constantly on the go, handling tenants, managing buildings, maintaining budgets, and much, much more.... Read more